Closeup of Filip Sivák's face with Prague castle in background


Experience (+5 years)


  • Consult agency
  • Java EE liferay development / Apache Spark (big data) / R + docker engineering support for datascience
  • 2015 - 2019

  • Film VFX studio
  • Unreal Engine / VR / arduino / Deep learning
  • 2019 - present


Since I'm tied up by NDA agreements I cannot talk about work for companies I've worked for. The clients included big financial, telecommunication and pharmaceutical corporations. However, I have some side projects that I've been working on in my free time that are implemented up to high technological standard.
Logo of spring framework

Scholarship application web app

  • Integration with google forms
  • Angular + TypeScript
  • Spring framework (Java) + Mongodb
  • Analytics in R
  • Reading marks from QR code on testament via python + opencv
Logo of typescript language

This website

  • The background particle effect done by me from scratch in TypeScript
  • Check the code on github
  • The site is responsive
  • The site can be printed on a single page as a CV


I consider myself language-agnostic programmer. I'll do backend in assembly, If that's what you want. Just just write me to about your problem.

Web HTML5, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React (hooks)
Backend PHP, Java, Python (flask)
Big-data Apache spark (scala or python)
Datascience Python (numpy, opencv), R (tidyverse), Matlab (I don't have a license though)
DevOps docker, ubuntu, jenkins
Game dev Unreal engine (C++)